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We have a range of Teeline Shorthand courses online, to suit all requirements. In an era when more and more educational establishments are excluding shorthand from the curriculum we have the perfect solution online. Ours is a personalised training service which puts the learner and their unique needs first, enabling individuals to achieve their full potential.

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Whether you are a student, a journalist, an employer, a PA, or simply want to enhance your writing skills, there is a Teeline Shorthand course here for you.

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We provide e-learning for all levels of Teeline Shorthand writing ability, including courses at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each course takes a nominal 17 weeks to complete with each student’s personal structured learning plan.

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"In my opinion OnlineShorthand.com offers an unbeatable service. If it had not been for the website and the support provided by my personal tutor I am certain I would not yet have been anywhere near achieving my goal of 100 wpm. As it is, in 15 weeks I went from 70 wpm to over 100 wpm and passed my exam with confidence. The website is comprehensive, easy to use and provides much more than just pieces of dictation. For me the Time Trials, e-Pen and Virtual Notebook not only provided added stimulation but also helped increase the speed with which I learned outlines and began to write faster. Probably the most important aspect of the course was that there were no set times I had to be online. I could log on for 20 minutes in my lunch break, do an hours shorthand after coming back late in the evening from a council meeting or even get up that bit earlier and ensure that I did my practice for the day. With any distance learning there is always a greater degree of self-motivation needed than when sitting in a classroom but my tutor was always on the other end of the phone or contactable by e-mail when I needed her. By following the scheme of work set out at my induction I was able to progress quickly and steadily and with regular feedback on my transcriptions I was able to rectify any errors before they became ingrained. The ability to move up a speed as soon as I felt ready with just the click of a mouse was also invaluable as it meant I could push myself that little bit more."

Dominic Chessum - Trainee Journalist